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"Excellence in Poultry Farm Equipment Manufacturing and Supply"

We manufacture highly competitive products. Producing cost-effective and highly efficient poultry farm equipment is one of our hallmarks. We provide solutions to all kinds of farm and poultry equipment. We supply equipment which meet the best possible international standards recognized everywhere.

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"Leading the Way in Poultry Equipment for Nearly Three Decades"

We have been manufacturing and delivering Poultry equipment products in the best possible manner for the past Twenty-Eight years. We have hand-in-experience in dealing with Poultry equipment products. We are adept at marketing GLP Nipples, GLP feeders and drinkers. Our Company’s mission is to promote products which are high in quality, serving our customers after sales and providing the best possible solutions for all Poultry equipment products in India. Our grand experience and great expertise in this field have made us into what we are today. The skilfulness, efficiency and honest endeavour of our team are some of the key factors for the successful running of our company.


Our vision is to lead India's poultry equipment industry by setting new standards in quality, innovation, and sustainability. We aim to empower farmers, enhance animal welfare, and contribute to national food security through efficient and eco-friendly poultry farming practices.


Our mission is to provide Indian poultry farmers with high-quality equipment, unwavering support, and comprehensive solutions. We prioritize customer satisfaction, ethical conduct, and continuous innovation. We're committed to sustainability, fostering teamwork, and meeting global standards while actively engaging with and supporting our poultry farming community.


Our core values include unwavering quality, customer-centricity, innovation, efficiency, integrity, teamwork, sustainability, global standards, continuous improvement, and community engagement. These values guide us in delivering top-notch poultry equipment, building trust with our customers, and contributing to the sustainable growth of India's poultry farming industry.

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